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The objective of this webinar is NOT to tell EHS, IH, and Hazardous Material Professionals that you are not competent in truly understanding SDS’s, but rather to address an endemic situation that affects how employers manage hazards of materials that their employees handle or may be exposed to. This webinar will highlight where common but unrecognized deficiencies are in HAZCOM compliance SDS’s, truly understanding of SDS content, and provide a path forward on how to improve your program and employee safety.



OSHA requires employees to have access to SDS’s and understand them. Very few safety, hazardous material, and industrial hygiene professionals truly know how to understand the data in an SDS let alone “all employees.” This webinar will provide you with a good self-assessment of where you are and provide options to increase your skills if desired. This is considered an intermediate to advanced webinar.




  1. Baseline review of current understanding of
    1. Rating systems
    2. Toxicology
    3. Common SDS terminology
  2. Common misleading data in SDS’s
  3. Discussion on accuracy of SDS’s
  4. What’s an employer to do?
June 29th, 2022 1:30 PM ET through  3:00 PM ET
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