Mark Wagher

Mark Wagher Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Western Illinois University and took graduate studies at the University of Houston. He has served as an environmental chemist for several private industry companies as well as a few Department of Energy sites including Fernald, Mound, Portsmouth, and Savannah River Site. In 2004 he earned certification as an Environmental Analytical Chemist (CEAC) while working at Environmental Quality In 2006 he earned his CHMM credential while serving as the Laboratory Manager at Perma-Fix of Dayton, a waste treatment, storage, and disposal facility. He also formed and served on the safety committee for this facility. Mark has served as a Senior Scientist at the Savannah River Site from 2009 until 2013 where he earned certification as an Occupational Safety and Health Professional and served on the Local Safety Improvement Teams and served as the Chemical Cognizant Technical function for the laboratory. He is now employed by Battelle Memorial Institute as a Research Scientist at the Bluegrass Army Depot in Richmond, Kentucky.